​​​​​​The Ideal Partner

Suzuki’s APV GA/Commercial Van is the ideal choice for today’s—and tomorrow’s—light-commercial and fleet businesses, offering more interior space, plus better performance, durability and reliability; all that and passenger-car comfort, too. Yet the APV GA/Commercial Van is still nimble enough to meet the diverse needs of its users.


All-round utility satisfies expectations

Headlamps and tail-lights are well elevated for better all-round visibility plus reduced vulnerability in minor collisions. The  high-mount stop lamp helps prevent rear-end collisions by alerting trailing drivers to imminent stops.


Front door step boards and front passenger's access support grip ease cabin entry and exit.

Handy cockpit compartments, like  glove box and driver's side storage pocket, keep small items within easy reach.

Spirited performance meets demands

The Aluminum 1.6-litre 16-valve engine is extremely fuel-efficient yet delivers exceptional output and torque when required.

The compact and​   lightweight front MacPherson strut and coil spring suspension is specifically tuned or straight-line stability

Large 14-inch tyres   are fitted to steel wheels with five mounting bolts for increased durability.

Comprehensive   safety   ensures  confidence